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Why You Should Hire an IRS Attorney

Stamp IRS audit and accounting documents.

It is important for taxpayers to hire an IRS attorney when they are audited by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is very thorough and it does not take long to prepare their case and have a hearing with the IRS so that they can request an examination of your financial records. If you do not hire an IRS lawyer in Knoxville, Tennessee then you may find yourself facing more audits and potential fines that you could have avoided.

An IRS audit may come about for various reasons. The most common reason is that the taxpayer failed to file his or her return on time. A tax attorney in Knoxville can help you in IRS tax settlement and any discrepancies that may arise between when you filed your return and when the IRS requested it. When you hire one of these experts, you can be rest assured that the IRS will not contact you via telephone or mail. If you are the focus of an audit, the IRS will not contact the tax lawyer unless they receive a settlement.

Taxpayers that do not have the experience tax lawyer in Knoxville, Tennessee will not know what to do in these situations. The IRS can start an audit anywhere from six months to two years after the tax year was completed. An experienced tax lawyer in Tennessee will know which strategies to pursue in each case. You will have to provide the information that the IRS asks for if you want your case to go to trial. This can be a difficult and time consuming task for inexperienced tax lawyers in Tennessee.

An attorney in Knoxville can only do so much in the way of defending you. IRS auditors are skilled liars and can fabricate facts to have you punished more severely than you deserve. Only an attorney in Tennessee has the background and training necessary to give you the kind of defense that you need. If you hire one of these attorneys in Tennessee, the IRS will be very thankful. They will have to offer you a large amount of money to settle the audit, and they will never have a chance to punish you through a court of law.

Sometimes taxpayers who owe back taxes will pay less money to the IRS than they owe to their lawyers. Sometimes taxpayers get charged with criminal tax evasion instead of criminal tax fraud. When this happens, you will owe the IRS a lot more money than you probably owe your lawyer.

Do not put yourself in a situation where you might be ordered to repay a portion of your taxes to the IRS before you can settle your audit. Hiring a professional tax attorney is the best way to fight an audit from the beginning. Your attorney can represent you in front of the IRS and in all proceedings. The IRS will not be able to fine you with a private criminal tax resolution. For more details on tax law visit